I’m an award-winning illustrator/animator/art director living in Australia. I graduated from the Australian National University when the world was still forming after the Big Bang, and have dabbled in many areas of illustration, animation, and independent filmmaking, both in front of and behind the camera. That means I’ve been an illustrator/author for a long time, but I’ve kept abreast of the techniques and tools of both trades, and have taken tough challenges head on.

Recently I straddled ships out on the Ocean of Life and started animating and filmmaking for myself, rather than clients, not just by looking up how-tos on Youtube but also by spending time at college learning from experts who have a world of wisdom you don’t find on the Net.

I’ve also spent time in the corporate sector and can wear different hats depending on the tasks at hand, from Art Director to Producer, but my true love is the making of things while having fun. I work quickly, diligently and always with the client in mind – and adjust pace as required by the job/deadline – but I also take time out to make things I want to, especially my animations, which are a blend of 2D and puppetry animation, with a touch of stop-motion sensibilities to boot.